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Meet Tim...

Tim is the anchor to the Gander Lighthouse Real Estate Team. Together they have helped over 600 families with their real estate goals.

Tim utilizes his 30 years of real estate and home remodeling experience to not only help his buyers but train up the next generation of real estate agents.

Having owned and operated a home remodeling company since 1986, he has the expertise to walk a home looking at the structure, systems and safety items that are important to the investment of home buying. In addition, his market expertise comes in handy to advise Buyers they are making a financially sound decision and getting the most home for the money.

Tim & Terri each have bought and sold homes to fix & flip for many years.

They both have extensive experience with bank owned, HUD owned, and investment properties.

The Gander Team helped homeowners avoid foreclosure through the short sale process working with banks to negotiate and advocate on behalf of their Sellers!

They both love to give back to the community and their real estate community. They each serve their Association of REALTORS through many aspects including; Appraisal Output Group, REALTOR Political Action Committees, State Board Of Directors, Professional Standards, Professional Development, Education Committee, members of Women Council of REALTORS. Terri has served 6 years on the local Board of Directors and was 2018 Past President of St. Charles Women’s Council.

Remember…. Don't Make a Move Without Taking a Gander!

TIM GANDER  |  (314) 486-3285  |

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