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Meet Emelie...

Hi, my name is Emelie Clohessy and for the past 29+ years, I have enjoyed my career in education using my talents to teach and guide others to accomplish their needs.

Real Estate has been a passion of mine for a long time from my own experiences and ever since helping my family with their real estate journey, I am hooked! Born and raised here in St Charles County, so I am very familiar with the area and surrounding counties. Super excited to finally start the next leg of my journey as a licensed real estate agent with Gander Light House Real Estate Group. I look forward to taking this education, training, and opportunity to help others accomplish their real estate needs.

I believe in clear and honest communication and give 100% to all that I do. I am confident that I can help with all your real estate needs and am blessed to have 50+ years of experience backing me up from my colleagues and mentors at Gander Light house Real Estate Group.

When I am not in the classroom or helping my clients, you will find me with my family. My husband and I have been busy raising 5 kids, so we spend a lot of time outside with sports, hiking, playing in the creek, and traveling.

I welcome the opportunity to be the Anchor to All Your Real Estate Needs…. Emelie

EMELIE CLOHESSY |  636-696-6104  |

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