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Meet Takisha...

Takisha Hardieway, the visionary founder of THEC Consulting (The Healthcare Education Center), brings a wealth of experience and passion for healthcare solutions. With a background in management and a commitment to excellence, it is only natural for me to dive deeper into helping others receive quality care.

Real Estate has always been a passion of mine since I grew up in a construction family.  My granddad and his five sons, all had a specialty trade from electrical, plumbing, or concrete, they did it all.  You know the type. 

Now equipped with a real estate license I will bring more solutions and resources to achieve an even better quality of life.

I am a mother of four beautiful children, and one genius grandchild.  We love spending time cooking together, and not just on holidays.  All we need is a reason.  OH’ it’s Wednesday? What you doing?  And some calls get made. Next thing we are all together making a meal, having a good time and normally visited by random friends and family as well.  So, it be a good time.

Besides enjoying family, I love jazz and the performing arts.  And as a Realtor I love to bring that passion to finding the property that will bring you good times.

TAKISHA HARDIEWAY |  314-651-6131  |

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